Who should use Bulk Email List?
Anyone who has a product or service that they are selling or marketing. Compared to any other type of advertising bulk email is by far the least expensive form of advertising. Take for example direct snail mail. Between the cost of envelopes and postage at $.35, if you spent $ 100 (the cost of our Bulk Email Lists) you would reach less then 200 people. With millions of emails for the same $100 you can reach in upwards of 300 million! How much money would it cost to advertise on television or in print to reach the same amount of people? The Superbowl gets close to those kinds of numbers and the cost for one 30 second commercial is close to $1,000,000.

How effective is email marketing?
Targeted opt-in emailing is the most cost effective way to advertise your business. You can expect anywhere from 0.3% to 2% response rate.

Do you send targeted email or offer bulk hosting for customers?
No. We do not provide mass emailing services at the moment. However we are working on it.

What is your bulk email lists all about?
Our lists are designed to help promote any existing business with the most effective means of advertising - Email.
Email is free and instant.

Why your address list the best?
We have more then one billion email addresses in our database. But you know what ...700 Million of them are 100% useless. We'd give them to you but you would only curse us after sending out to them. We should advertise a package of 500 or 900 million addresses but it would only waste your time. We want you to love our list so after you exhaust it, you can buy the latest ones again. We know this will happen if you try us. BuyEmailsNow is a reputable company that is here to stay. Grow with us!

You know the saying you get what you pay for! Some fly by night sites are claiming 300 million, 400 million and one site even had the nerve to offer 1 Billion emails. Well, some of those are small packages just "copied" then "pasted" over and over. It is impossible to notice at first but when you get a flood of people claiming you sent them 100 messages, you'll see. Dirty lists will get your whole effort SHUT DOWN. No big deal - but it is really annoying to constantly have to get another free email account, another ISP, another website and another campaign together every day.

There are only 301 million people in the US. This includes kids and people in their 70s, 80s and 90s - clearly without an internet presence. And the USA is really the only email worthy country - especially if you are a US business and want to mail within a reasonably fast time frame with English sales letters. Now...does anyone believe that there are really 100+ million email accounts worth sending to? Even if there were that many email accounts active in the US and UK, you would be sending to the same people who may have multiple accounts. That is pointlessly rude to any opt-in prospect you want to make a good impression with. Besides, our list was never "harvested" online. It is only a compilation of mainly opt-in shoppers. There are very few business addresses included because such accounts convert very poorly and are slow to mail. Remember: Any business owner also has a personal account. Additionally, mailing software only works fast if the domains are similar. This allows your software to make one connection to the same common domain, like Yahoo. If the sending software has to constantly keep connecting to a different domain, it can take 5 hours to mail 500 people. Buy a list from our rivals (all 300 of them) - and most include the strangest domains imaginable. Very unpopular and even suspiciously fake. Many lists also include .gov, .edu, and .mil. These domains should NEVER be sent bulk mail.

How do you obtain targeted, opt-in email addresses?
To put together and update our email database we have partnered with opt-in email providers, such as: online shopping malls and eCommerce stores, internet service providers, information sites, social and political survey sites and many other frequently visited websites. They collect lots of information from their customers, including: email address, geographic location, profession, hobbies, areas of interest, etc. Our providers are able to share that type of information with all their business partners only with the expressed consent of their customers.

After payment, how do I get the package?
In keeping with our high efficient and low-cost service for customers we supply an online downloadable list will be made available. This is risk free, there is no shipping delay and you can get our bulk lists anytime, anywhere.

What kind of format are these lists in?
All lists are saved in plain text format (.txt) with one e-mail per line which makes them suitable for any software.

How long can I download the lists for?
We institute a 24 hour time limit to prevent abuse of our server.

Some other sites charge a monthly fee for their lists. Will your site charge me again?
No. There is no monthly fee.

Out of the lists how many addresses will be undeliverable?
That's hard to say. We use all of our resources to ensure all of our addresses are deliverable before we release them. Yet, out of millions of people you can be sure that there will be some who will have either changed email addresses or changed ISP's from the time we verify the address to the time you receive the package. Even though we feel confident in saying that our delivery ratio is higher then any other list on the market, it is impossible to expect 100% deliverability from any list. Our lists are only months old. We keep getting newer lists to keep them fresh at all times.

Is anything done to your lists to reduce the amount of complaints I may get?
Yes. We have managed to compile a database of millions of email addresses of complainers, anti-spammers and people who just do not respond well to email advertising. Before we release any list it is first filtered through this huge database to eliminate these people. This will greatly reduce the amount of complaints you may receive and at the same time increases your positive response ratio. This is an extremely important feature.

Which sites are scams?
Well, quite a few actually! We are legally not able to name names, but if the site is on a free web host or looks like a 9th grader built the website - Stay Away! Also, we've noticed about 95% of bulk email companies are here today and gone tomorrow. What does this mean? It means that they buy a package from someone and then resell the entire contents. Most of our legitimate rivals agree with us.

Are there smaller or less expensive lists out there?
Yes. We have seen other lists available. Claims of 1000 "fresh" addresses that range anywhere from $15 to $299. We do not recommend buying lists of this type. We could do this too. We could break our list up several times and probably make more money. This is not the type of product we would like to be associated with. Why? Because lists of this type often leave the customer unsatisfied. A list consisting of only 1000 addresses will likely have several undeliverable and duplicate addresses, leaving the customer feeling that they did not get their money's worth. What these companies are hoping for is that you will send out your email right away and then immediately buy more addresses from them. We do not abide by this approach. We believe that the more email addresses you have, the better chances you have of reaching the maximum number of people because no email list can be 100% verified.

What is Bulk E-mail?
Bulk e-mail is the legal and ethical alternative to mass mailing random e-mail addresses. The concept is sending as many people your message as possible whilst observing proper online business ethics and your ISP agreement.

1) Make sure it is legal to own, operate and use bulk email programs in the country or state in which you reside.
2) Never include any information or material or content associated with anything illegal. Email is NOT anonymous and you will get caught sooner or later.
3) Do not send email to people through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection if your ISP explicitly forbids bulk email. Contact your ISP to verify if it is allowed if you are unsure. If you violate an ISP service agreement you risk losing your account and/or may be subject to penalties according to their rules. If your ISP forbids bulk mailing you have two options: A) Select a bulk friendly ISP. B) Spread the amount of mailings out over time and use the email program you are already using to send out mail. Professional email programs send mail at speeds that are too fast for many ISP's to handle. This is how you can violate their terms.
4) Always include an option for email recipients to remove themselves from your list.
5) Permanently remove all those that request to be removed from your list.
6) Do not email letters that contain large files, video files or any extraneous data. The ideal size for an email message should be under 10k in size. This is a basic courtesy only.
7) Never send more than 1 message to the same email box within a short time period. If someone doesn't respond...assume they never will and move on.
8) Never forge or purposely include incorrect and inaccurate header informational fields in your email. This technique may be illegal in your state or country and violates all ISP service agreements.
9) Always supply a valid return email address.
10) Use an alternate or secondary email account as your return address. This will keep your business and personal accounts separate. This is not required but simply recommended.

Is Bulk Email legal?
Yes. Sending commercial bulk email is legal. There are, however, ways of sending your email that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may not approve of. Using your ISP's mail server to send your bulk email might not be allowed. For more information, refer to - Resources page.

How do I begin a Bulk E-mail campaign?
The most time consuming part of bulk email is getting your list together. Harvesting addresses is one of the most difficult things about email marketing mainly because you can only obtain emails that are posted online. These emails have been harvested by every other person in the bulk email game and have already been bombed to death with ads. We supply a unique mailing list with all of the work of sorting done for you.

How do I use your package?
Simply unzip the bundles of emails and import them into our professional mass mailing software programs to begin your own campaign. Write your sales letter and hit the "send" button. You will have million's potential customers at your fingertips without having done any work.

How many people can I email each day?
There is virtually no limit and it only depends on the time you can afford. You can set most of the software to send while you're away from the computer or asleep. Sending over 1 million messages each day is quite simple.

What results can I expect?
There is unlimited potential with bulk email. Imagine if you only got a response of .001% from 30 million messages. That's still a huge number from a miserably poor response. But imagine if you are holding a decent product that people may actually want in your hand. Sure, porn, quick loans, gambling and fast buck schemes are commonly pitched via bulk email but what about a real product?